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Images of Notre Dame


Jean Fouquet, 1410

notre dame oldes

Noel Ballemare, 1525

Notre Dame is still on my mind. Here are some images from its past. Clearly, it’s fascinated artists through the ages.


Charles Negre, 1853 ( a negative)


Paul Signac, 1910

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Matisse, 1902


Notre Dame Basilica, Chicago

We went to this beautiful church last Sunday for the feast of the Holy Family.

South Cathedral, Beijing


During my recent trip to Beijing, I was able to attend mass at the South Cathedral, which dates back to the mid 17th century when Adam Schall, S.J. opened this church. The mass at 10:30 is in English and included French readings. It was wonderful to see people from all over the world praying together.

In Macau

I love the yellow.

A Beautiful Church

I took this picture in Poland, but I’m not sure where. Perhaps Krakow?

Church in Krakow

I’ve been able to travel quite extensively and I love seeing churches (and temples). This one is in Krakow.

In Macau

The facade of a Jesuit church