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What’s Alpha?

Today I checked out Alpha, a program a nearby church is hosting. I’ve been reading a year-long Bible plan by Nicky Gumbel and throughout the plan Gumbel mentioned Alpha. Now I’ve seen what it’s about. Basically, the program wherever it’s held consists of sharing a meal and chatting with the people at your table, watching a video like this first one and then breaking into small groups to discuss impressions and beliefs.

Take a look.

Just One Thing

Just One Thing

Just One Thing
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I had to share this.

Makes Sense

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 11.11.03 PM

Sad that Illinois representatives voted against her today in the state assembly.

Rapper Priest

Fr. Joshua Johnson shares his rap and story in the video above. He’s the youngest priest in Baton Rouge. Priests like Johnson should, I hope bring more young people to the faith by showing them that religion isn’t outdated, it’s everlasting and always relevant.