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Pick an Egg

Your Easter Egg Says You Are Curious

You are truly optimistic, open, and hopeful.
And your optimism gives you the courage to live life adventurously.

You love new experiences, ideas, and challenges.

You see life as a fluid, growing process.

First Time Visit

I used to cringe when at the English mass at Sogang they’d urge newcomers to raise their hands and introduce themselves. I’d wonder, when do the people who’re regulars introduce themselves? Now all of them might remember the new person’s name, but that new person hasn’t learned one of theirs. I was so glad that I got in from the first mass and wasn’t subjected to that.

By the way, I did like the English mass at Sogang University in Seoul. Sogang’s a Jesuit college there and that little community grew nicely and I hope still is. It was probably one of the best experiences about living in Korea, the small, welcoming Catholic mass for those of us on the fringe.


This made me chuckle. I think it shows we can laugh at ourselves.

We Can Laugh at Ourselves