News from Ireland

I’m speechless and saddened.

Yesterday I cringed when I skimmed an article about the bodies of babies and children found in a septic tank in Ireland. The Australian paper, The Age, had the story. It’s heart-breaking and tragic. Now it seems there are just allegations. What happened is there’s been a discovery of a septic tank used as a mass grave near a Catholic run home for children and unwed mothers. Almost 800 little bodies (babies to children estimated to be as old as 8 y.o.).

What happened?

Why? If the women are already in a home because they’re unwed mothers, why would there be a need to do this? Why wouldn’t these children be properly buried?

What made the nuns do this? It’s completely against the faith. It’s a staggering number of children. How many people lived there? How long had this gone on? The Irish government is investigating.

This story was brought up a dinner last night and as the only Catholic (only Christian in fact) at the table, I was at a complete loss as to what to say. So much is unknown. This is certainly not in accord with church teaching. Also we don’t know what did happen. The home for the women and children closed in the 1960s. I hope someone does find concrete evidence about what happened.

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