By Sandra

A friend posted this on Facebook. Just beautiful.

I went to a Charismatic prayer meeting at my mom’s church tonight — and got to hear a beautiful homily by Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, the pope’s pastor, who’s visiting from Italy. (One friend stayed with Mom, and another went with me, and that info is for family members who might be wondering… ) He talked about being the Body of Christ, helping the needy and poor, about having “Eucharistic amazement”… He brought up Scriptures that talked about when Jesus’ followers saw Him after the Resurrection, but didn’t realize who He was until He called their names — and how, until we get to know Him personally, we basically just walk around knowing about Him, and not realizing He really is alive and with us forever, and that His image is in every person we meet. He said that when He calls our names, that’s when we truly start to live. I heard another pastor on television this week say that since Scripture says He speaks in a “still small voice,” like a whisper, and since it’s a whisper, the only way you can truly hear Him is to get close…to learn about Him and meet Him personally. Love that… After the meeting, they had prayer teams, and we prayed for my mom, my aunt, and friends who have been ill. Maybe we can’t always be His hands and feet in person, especially for loved ones in other states, but the Holy Spirit transcends time and space and connects us anyway…

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