Holy Trinity Church, Chicago

On Sunday I went to a Polish church that I’ve passed every time I’ve driven into the city, but never went in. When a friend visited from Wisconsin, we went to mass there. According to a website my friend found, mass was at 10 am in English. Slight problem was that the mass was at 10:30 in Polish. Oh, well.

On a gray January day, I was blown away to enter this splendid church. How magnificent! I liken it to entering heaven. On the one hand you know it’s going to be fabulous, but when you enter your expectations are smashed and what you experience is beyond anything you might have thought.

The parish had dwindled to 80 members 30 years ago. When it was slated to be closed, the Polish American community went into action. They saved the church which is now classified as a mission for Polish Catholics.

Before mass, they had a benediction and rosary. Many came for that. By the time mass started, the church was full. There was plenty of grandeur. Though I’m generally content with simplicity and probably more at ease with the down to earth, I was swept up by the magnificence. It was Catholic with a capital C. They had about 12 altar boys from age 8 to about 17. The children’s choir sang beautifully and they were all dressed in red robes. The priest actually looked like Jesus. He had shoulder length hair and was in his 30s.

The mass was all in Polish, but I’m used to church in Chinese. I just wish I’d known so I could have printed out the readings. Still I loved this experience. It reminded me of churches in Poland where the decor is ornate (but still works) and the people are very fervent in their expression of faith.


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