O Mores, O Tempora

I was checking out Pope Francis’ twitter feed and couldn’t believe the foul comments posted under his Christmas tweet.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.46.06 AM

I will not spread the crudity, but will say that after the shock of the offensive messages I glimpsed I did say a quick prayer for those who are so lost that they need to attack Christianity and a man who has no record of misdeeds.

It’s a low time for American society and religion is under attack.

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One response to “O Mores, O Tempora

  • Colleen

    How disappointing. I wonder why people feel the need to do that. Even if they are not Catholic or not Christian at all, why would anyone want to put someone down like that who has nothing but kind and loving things to say? In fact, why would anyone want to put anyone else down like that? You are right. Prayer is what is needed.

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