Dallas Willard: Divine Farmer, Sower of Truth, and All Around Good Guy

As I still ruminate over Dallas Willard’s passing, I found this insightful post.
I’m still not ready to write about Willard’s impact, but I will soon. He was one of the greatest contemporary Christian thinkers of our time.

An Ink and Paper Marriage

Truth is organic.  It’s as natural as nature.  Sometimes it hits you like an avalanche, clearing out everything else, leaving you bare and shaking.  Yet more often it’s like a plant.  The farmer casts the seeds out onto the plowed field and tends it.  He is patient.  Then by some miracle, after a certain number of suns and moons have passed overhead, a tiny little green stem with one or two leaves on it emerges from the dirt (or red clay if you’re like me and from Alabama).  The plant is at once the most fragile and tender looking thing, and yet it is fearless and possesses the hope of hardiness and strength.

This whole miracle seems to happen without the farmer.  The life of the plant appears utterly disconnected from the tanned, overalled, man with strong hands and fresh earth under his fingernails.  But it is the farmer who…

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