A Reminder

Church is a sacred space where we distance ourselves from worldly annoyances and concerns so that we can concentrate on God. Please do turn off your phones during mass. Please teach your children to do the same. While Christmas mass is longer than usual, it’s highly meaningful and a great opportunity to connect with God. By texting, playing games and conducting business, you are literally turning away from God.

Even if you’re not thrilled with the homily or music, you never know how God will present Himself to you at any given time. Be open!


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2 responses to “A Reminder

  • Colleen


    This is how I answered you on my blog about Judy – Judy has gone off line. She wrote a farewell post but only a few days ago. I think she is still on facebook for a while. And she wrote about it on Facebook, which is why I know it is OK to write about it here. I will miss her very much. I do not know if someone will take up this meme or if I will or what will happen. She is deleting all her blogs and her facebook page and her websites. Everything. It is really a loss to me. She was one of my first online friends!
    God bless!

    • smkelly8

      Hi, thanks for filling me in about Judy. Her going offline is a loss for me too, but I understand that life sometimes requires changes of us. God bless her for starting this. I’ll post today’s thanksgiving and maybe I could keep the meme going if you’re too busy.

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