A Better Way

I’m sure a lot of Catholics and Christians, among people of other faiths, are upset about the election results. Some vote based on their one favorite issue, say right to life or traditional marriage. Actually, the president doesn’t do much with such issues. Change occurs in the state legislature or in the Supreme Court, which the President can influence in terms of whom he picks when there’s an opening.

Yet, while I understand and share your beliefs, I don’t think God only calls us to address these matters through the law. I think it’s far better to influence through fellowship, modeling, and compassion. Rather than having pastors exhort followers to vote one way or another, it’s much more powerful to urge us to live differently, to reach out to neighbors, coworkers and friends. To be so compassionate and wise that people notice, that they seek us out and when they do we respond with love and wisdom from the gospel. I think God can work miracles through each of us this way. It’s not easy to do, and I hope our churches help us change so that we can live our faith in a deeper way.



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