No Politics, Please

When I go to mass, I’d love it if the priest refrains from departing from the scripture and veering into politics during the homily. Offer a different forum for that, please. Since we’re not illiterates or uneducated, we don’t need someone to pontificate on what we should think politically. We don’t need a political monologue during mass. It would be better to stay home and watch Meet the Press.

Instead, help us become disciples of Christ, help us to grow spiritually. Believe me there’s plenty to preach on that.

If for some reason the parish wants to discuss a political issue, that’s fine. Do it another day and allow for questions.

When a political diatribe enters a homily, it takes my mind completely out of the mass and puts it back outside on the Red State/Blue State, mud slinging, stump speech arena. Also, there’s a good chance that the preacher won’t sufficiently substantiate his claims or may use logical fallacies. Since I teach English this just infuriates me.

I regret not walking out and going to another mass. Next time this happens, I will.


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