Community & Façades

I’ve been shocked to learn that a near and dear one has been hiding a great pain for more than two years. Despite our Christian faith, she’s felt it’s best to hide, to maintain a façade, to live the “Stained Glass Masquerade.” I feel this is a great failing as a Christian community. What is going on if we all go to church, but also hide are real hurts from everyone? If we can’t be real with at least two or three fellow Christians? Seems Christ teaches us to be real above all else.

I wouldn’t expect anyone to share anything deep at church, at any church function or even with some petitions which are real, but seem only used for people who’re sick or recently died. Those are safe petitions and folks in these parts can admit that. We can’t admit our failures. Why are there no petitions at the churches I’ve been to for people out of work? For people whose marriages are failing? For people who’re drinking too much?

We don’t trust each other, even smaller groups with this kind of information. At the parishes near me there are no groups that aren’t for sports or socializing.

What a sad commentary on a faith that should change the world for the better.


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