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Today the archdiocese took out a full-page ad in the Chicago Tribune to convince people to support the efforts to stop Healthcare Reform or rather the part that the bishops object to.

Now I would like to know how Catholics in Europe, Korea or Japan have reacted when national healthcare came to their countries. That seems like the most relevant way to look at the issue.

I’m annoyed by this whole contention that the Church is being persecuted. That’s a bit much for me. After all, the church does get a lot of tax breaks and many clergy get full scholarships to universities like Northwestern since they claim their income as zero, yet their community feeds and clothes them in a comfortable style.

The issue seems politically and economically motivated. There’s something very hollow in the accusations of persecution or the inability to practice one’s faith.  The rabble-rousers in the clergy are hard to view as sincere. It really seems like a means of saving money, getting Catholics to feel attacked and thus active. It’s a way to build easy identity and distract people from the church’s desperate failings like the pedophile.

The president said that Catholic employers don’t have to pay for birth control, etc, rather the government would. So what’s the problem? This is want life is like in a pluralistic society.

The best way to convince people that your way is best is through love, forgiveness and humble dialog. Harping and kvetching aren’t anywhere as effective.

Stained Glass Masquerade

Stained Glass Masquerade”

Is there anyone that fails
Is there anyone that falls
Am I the only one in church today feelin’ so small
‘Cause when I take a look around
Everybody seems so strong
I know they’ll soon discover
That I don’t belong

So I tuck it all away, like everything’s okay
If I make them all believe it, maybe I’ll believe it too
So with a painted grin, I play the part again
So everyone will see me the way that I see them

Are we happy plastic people
Under shiny plastic steeples
With walls around our weakness
And smiles to hide our pain?
But if the invitation’s open
To every heart that has been broken
Maybe then we close the curtain
On our stained glass masquerade

Is there anyone who’s been there
Are there any hands to raise
Am I the only one who’s traded
In the altar for a stage

The performance is convincing
And we know every line by heart
Only when no one is watching
Can we really fall apart

But would it set me free
If I dared to let you see
The truth behind the person
That you imagine me to be

Would your arms be open?
Or would you walk away?
Would the love of Jesus
Be enough to make you stay?

This hymn is particularly poignant as I’ve recently learned of the hurt and struggles a loved one has been hiding for two and half years. How awful I feel that she felt unable to share her burdens.