A Thankful Woman’s Book of Blessings

On Wednesdays, Judy, creator of an inspiring blog, A Thankful Woman’s Book of Blessings encourages participants to list their blessings, to give thanks for the five things in the past week and then link to Judy’s blog.

Be sure to also check out her other blog and her website when you visit.

This week I am thankful for:

  1. A wonderful two week visit in China with Sheila , a friend from high school.
  2. Perfect weather in Beijing to explore the Summer Palace and the city.
  3. Chinese food including lamb with cumin and tomatoes and eggplant, two Uighyr dishes I’ve come to love.
  4. Alice, the owner of a cozy tea shop across from my usual hostel in Beijing.  She’s always welcoming and talkative and genuine.
  5. South Cathedral, a beautiful international community of Catholics from every continent, located in Beijing. Sunday, we went to mass in English with some readings in French. It’s amazing to see how international our faith is.

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