Lent Begins

I’m listening to a good podcast on Lent from Midday Connection. Check it out.

Though this is the third day of lent, I’m still searching for what I’m going to do. Of course, I won’t eat meat on Friday, but I’m looking for more to do and hoping to do something positive and giving something up. In the past I’ve given up police dramas like Law and Order and others. That had a profound effect as my mood changed and I found myself more serene by doing so. In fact, after that I watched that genre a lot easier.

Here’s a link to an interesting story on churches that take the giving of ashes out of the church and into the street, quite innovative. I think there are good ways to be public about faith. When it’s done with humility, we’re doing God’s work. He doesn’t want us to be embarrassed about our beliefs and I think we can be guilty of that. I think we can be more inviting.


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