Jumping into the Controversy

A controversy is growing as the Catholic Bishops in the US and some others contend that Catholic organizations should not have to pay for insurance that includes birth control and abortion coverage for their employees. It’s heating up in some circles, though from what I can tell most Catholics I know think its much ado about nothing. It’s not an attack on Catholics or other Christians that oppose these practices, but more the workings of Karl Rove or someone of his ilk to rile people up and win votes. That’s my take.

It’s odd to see Catholics who used birth control getting hot and bothered, but I have witnessed this. The people I have in mind are older and see Catholicism more as their social group, so to them their tribe is getting attacked. These are the sorts of people who don’t want to have a rational discussion.

Even if you disagree with my thinking that if you don’t like the mandate, protest by not paying in. Break the law, when it comes like pacifists who don’t pay their taxes.

Also I wish that more Catholics and others would not only defy and complain, but would act positively to show that their beliefs are life giving. Make it easier to raise a child in tough circumstances. Add to the number of Catholics and others who build quality homes for single pregnant women and who give showers to such women. Make it easier to walk through the hardship of some pregnancies so that abortion is just not appealing. It’s easy to complain and you might not get on Fox News for opening your home to a pregnant woman with no resources, but you should. Ideally, when you’re unhappy about and issue you speak out AND do the hard work of making things better for those who’re suffering.

One question I’m curious about is how did they handle these issues in England and Italy where they have national healthcare? Why not learn from them?


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One response to “Jumping into the Controversy

  • Judy Dudich

    I know many Catholics that DO open their homes and lives to unwed mothers and offer financial assistance to pregnant women in crises, etc…they are out there…it’s just that the media does not do stories on them. I would venture to say that any Catholic who does NOT see this mandate as “a big deal” is not truly Catholic…further…it goes beyond being a Catholic issue…it is…or, at least, should be…an “American” issue as the USA was founded upon religious freedoms and now the government is stripping those freedoms away from a particular group.
    VERY sad. VERY dangerous.

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