A Thankful Woman’s Book of Blessings

On Wednesdays, Judy, creator of an inspiring blog, A Thankful Woman’s Book of Blessings encourages participants to list their blessings, to give thanks for the five things in the past week and then link to Judy’s blog.

Be sure to also check out her other blog and her website when you visit.

This week I am thankful for:

  1. Theater tickets and an afternoon, today, to go downtown and see a play.
  2. For my “new” job, a chance to return to a school that I taught in before. This was such a miracle. I found out that a friend had to drop out for minor medical reasons (so she’s not seriously ill and she still has her online teaching work). I found out at the right time and got to get this job in Jinan. I don’t have to go back to a job that was going downhill fast.
  3. My Ántonia, a beautiful novel about the strength, community, and love that was present on the prairie in the years of the pioneers. Each page was so beautifully written. I felt I learned more about history from this novel than most textbooks. (Though I know the importance of learning the facts.)
  4. Psalm 119. Last week I heard on the radio that it’s a good practice to just read one chapter of this long psalm and mull it over. It’s a good way to start the day.
  5. The photos on this week’s Photo Challenge: Peaceful. It’s great to see so many creative contributions and interpretations of peace.

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3 responses to “A Thankful Woman’s Book of Blessings

  • Colleen

    Love your list. I love going to the theater. Do not get to go often so I really look forward to going.

  • munchesmom

    Congratulations on your new job! Praying all goes well for you. I’ve heard of My Antonia before, but never read it. I checked out your review & it sounds good.

    BTW – You asked about my daughter’s age. She’ll be 7 next month, so I think she has a bit of time. I’ve seen so much faith in her the last couple years, so it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see this desire to be a nun fulfilled one day. And I do know there are some saints who gave their lives to Christ at such a young age.

  • Judy Dudich

    LOVE the theater! So special to see a good show on the stage:)
    Thanks for your very kind introduction:)
    And, the book you are reading sounds really good!
    I will look for it.
    I agree with your blog banner today: STOP CENSORSHIP!

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