Book Review: Divine Conspiracy

If you want to challenge yourself spiritually, to grow beyond rule following and take a turn in your faith journey to help you become a real disciple, Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy is a great resource.

I’ve mentioned Willard before. This book is amazing and powerful (as are his others).  The book is so well written and really brought the Beatitudes and God’s plan for us into a new light. His insights on anger, spiritual growth, and the afterlife are sound and took me to a deeper understanding of my faith and God’s plan for me.

Although he’s a philosophy professor at USC, Willard’s writing style is clear and accessible. He provides great examples for his ideas.

Yes, like C.S. Lewis (and who doesn’t like him?) Willard is a Protestant writer, but Catholics can (and should) learn from him.  I doubt think we should be emphasizing denominational differences as much as we do anyhow. I think doing so just waters down our power in our society.

This would be an ideal book for a small group to read and dEditiscuss over the course of a few months. For the ideas contained, which can deepen and enrich one’s

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