My friend Theresa sent this out as her devotional this week:

What am I called to do for the rest of my life?

What am I called to do to be a faithful disciple in these times, in this world?


I have already said yes to your call, loving God.

I am well settled into your niche for me.

But how will I know in my heart when the space opens in my life to listen

again for new direction?

Spirit of gentle or not-so-gentle prodding, give me a listening heart to hear

the rhythm of your voice.


It is so easy to stop listening for your still small voice.

as the busyness of my daily activities consumes my time and attention;

as I run from one serious responsibility to another, one important event to another;

as my mind is full of plans and concerns.


Prod me to STOP and to create the space to listen.

Prod me to allow myself the time to hear what you are saying in my life.

Prod me to be still enough to really see what is going on in the world and to ask how I might respond, how I might participate in the healing of the world, and thereby my own healing.


I believe that mine is a call to the fullness of life.

Allow that reality to infuse every corner of my being: my spirituality,

my values, what I care about, how I use my time and resources,

my relationships, and my work.


Prod me to deepen my reflections on my vocation.

Fill the canvas of my life with new possibilities.

Enrich what I am already doing by making it conform more intentionally to the gospel.


O God you are full of surprises.

Again and again, you invite me to follow in ways that I don’t expect or understand,

into places I had not planned to go.

Continue to patiently grace me with opportunities to catch the cadence of your voice.



Based on the words of Marie Dennis in Diversity of Vocations



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