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Media influences us so strongly, directly and indirectly. Like many, I wish television and film had more offerings that were in line with the Gospel. We aren’t helpless. One way to bring that about is through prayer and the Hollywood Prayer Network is one group that organizes Christians to pray for those in positions of power.

Hollywood Prayer Network June 2011 Newsletter

Dear HPN members,

It’s SUMMER! What a great time to go to the movies, watch reruns on TV, download more iTunes songs, play video games and post profound thoughts on facebook. As you enjoy your technology, will you take time to pray for the people who are changing culture through the media?! Your entertainment will be fun, but your prayers will be life changing.

A very Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads this Sunday. We will be praying for you and the impact you’re having on your children. You are so crucial in their lives. Let’s pray…


• Pray for the people behind the scenes in the upcoming summer films
• Praise God for our growing community of intercessors outside Hollywood
• HPN’s Incognito Prayer team prays for influential “strangers” in Hollywood
• Pray for Christians in Hollywood, asking the Lord to give them strength
• Pray for the salvation of Hollywood decision-makers and cultural influencers
• Pray for the most powerful people in TV production – the Show Runners
• Pray for studio executive and author, DeVon Franklin
• Pray for our HPN Board members, the Cookes, who will be teaching in India
• Pray for HPN to go to the World Prayer Assembly in Indonesia in May ‘12
• Pray for the Balivas, our HPN Local Chapters Directors in Italy
• Pray for HPN Intercessor, Sharon, who is in great need
• Praise God for our Hollywood friends who wrote three new books
• HPN is partnering with Prayer Surge Now, Ecclesia and others for a prayer walk


• Continue to pray for the hearts and lives of people behind the scenes in the upcoming summer films. This month’s potential blockbusters are “Green Lantern,” “If A Tree Falls,” “Cars 2,” “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon,” and “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part II,” just to name a few. For a complete list click HERE.


• Praise God for our awesome growing community of intercessors outside Hollywood uniting with Christian professionals inside Hollywood through prayer. This month one of our HPN intercessors felt led to help a struggling industry pro, so we connected her with a writer who paid his rent! It’s a beautiful miracle that encouraged so many people! Thank you God for using people to strengthen our community of artists!


• HPN’s Incognito Prayer team willingly prays for Hollywood cultural influencers and decision-makers they have never met. We want to encourage you to join them in praying for people in the entertainment industry. Occasionally, we at HPN get asked – why should we pray for someone in Hollywood who we have never met? Click HERE to find out!

• Pray for Christians in Hollywood, asking the Lord to give them strength, to keep their walk strong with Him, to keep building a powerful community of believers for prayer, accountability, fellowship and encouragement. Ask Him also to enable Christians to share their faith as salt and light in this mission field.

• Pray for the salvation of decision-makers and cultural influencers in the entertainment industry, knowing they need Him desperately. When their hearts change, the content they create will also change. We can’t make people act like Christians, we can pray that the Lord will lead them to salvation.

• As the new Fall TV shows are starting to be written, let’s pray for the most powerful people in TV production – the Show Runners – the people who run the TV shows and have creative control of their series. To learn more about Show Runners click HERE. Women are not as well represented as men in television, so, would you pray with us for this season’s top women Show Runners. They are listed HERE. May they find the Lord and His heart, as they try to balance all of their roles, including those who are wives and mothers, while influencing the world through the choices they make on their TV shows.

• Pray for a friend of HPN’s, DeVon Franklin, who is a successful studio executive and author of the new book, “Produced By Faith,” how to navigate a career in the business without compromising your Christian values. Please ask the Lord to continue using DeVon to bless and encourage the people around him, while influencing the content of the films coming out of his studio. For more info, click HERE.

• Pray for two of our HPN Board members, the Cookes, who will be teaching acting and speaking at the National India Young Creative Leaders Conference in Delhi and Chennai in July. They are part of the growing influence that Christians in our community are having around the globe!

• Pray for HPN to be effective in gathering prayer warriors from all over the world to pray with us at the World Prayer Assembly in Jakarta, Indonesia in May of 2012. HPN has been invited to lead prayer from there for the global media. May the Lord open the doors, supply the finances and use us to open the eyes of Christians from across the globe to see the importance of praying for the international entertainment and media cultural influencers and decision-makers. For more info click HERE.


• From our HPN Local Chapters Directors in Italy: “We’ve made it safe to Rome! Our son Anthony has already begun to make friends with the neighborhood pets and children…and loves seeing all the Vespas! Please continue to pray as we adjust, build relationships, and learn the language. Thanks for your prayers!” Naomi and Zac Baliva

• Pray for HPN Intercessor, Sharon, who has been so faithful to pray for HPN industry pros, and yet is going through a brutal season. She is having serious financial problems after being laid off from her job, and now has pneumonia. We need our intercessors to be protected, encouraged and taken care of because they are doing a mighty work. Please pray for Sharon and our other intercessors who are going through difficult and discouraging times.

• We praise God for our Hollywood community’s expanding impact on our culture. We know Christians who are impacting all areas of society. Here are three new books to read by some of our Hollywood friends: (1.) “Jolt” by Phil Cooke HERE, (2.) “Faith of Our Fathers” by Brian Godawa and (3.) “None Wounded, None Missing, All Dead, The Story of Elizabeth Bacon Custer” by Chris Enss and Howard Kazanjian.


• HPN is partnering with Prayer Surge Now, Ecclesia and other churches and ministries to pray over the city of Hollywood on Saturday, July 9th 2–4pm. Over 500 people will walk the city, praying over 50 locations that impact our city and our world. From Movie and TV studios, to the Stripper District, the Scientology Center, and residential areas, we’ll be walking all over Hollywood, asking the Lord to touch this place with His forgiving, healing, saving hand. Anyone is welcome. Just click HERE for more info and email us with any questions at: info@hpnemail.org. Or pray with us from wherever you are that day!

Thanks so much for praying with us this month. Have a great June and we’ll be back on July 15th. In the meantime, invite some friends to be HPN “I to I” Prayer Partners. Just send them this link.

In Him,
Karen and Caren

Another idea I like is that if you watch a show and switch the channel because it’s offensive. Say a short prayer for the people who created it. Let’s see how that can change things.


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