Act One begins

The Act One Screenwriting for Hollywood and Executives Program begins. This excellent program offers aspiring writers and producers with strong Christian faith training over the summer. Started by Barbara Nicolosi and other Christian Hollywood professionals, Act One offers a community for Christians to hone their skills so that we have a greater role in our culture.

The idea is that there are too few Christians working in Hollywood. Hence our values aren’t well presented. Makes sense. People write about what they know. Christians need to offer artistic, compelling entertainment options to society. Dean Batali, TV screenwriter, mentions that our role is like Nehemiah, in that we must build and defend simultaneously. In Hollywood, Christians are often ridiculed and their faith attacked on a daily basis. Really, you have no idea how poorly they’re treated, as our other minorities, in the average writing room. Yet many are called to work in this mission field.

So pray for these new writers and producers and the alumni who’ve gone before them as they try to bring salt and light into film and television.


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