Favorite Christian Writers

I made a list of my favorite Christian fiction writers and today will turn to non-fiction. They all have written more than one good book so I can recommend authors, but just can’t pare it down to books.

  • Thomas Merton: grew up in France without a particular faith. In university he converted to Catholicism and eventually became a Trappist monk. He wrote truth so intelligently and beautifully. Try his autobiography Seven Story Mountain or New Seeds of Contemplation.
  • Dallas Willard: philosophy teacher at UCLA. I first came to know him because he spoke at Act One, a writing program for Christian screenwriters. Since then I’ve read several of his books. He has wisdom I don’t hear that often. He can describe complex with great clarity. I’ve liked all the books I’ve read of his, but would tell people to start with Renovation of the Heart.
  • Richard Rohr: Franciscan priest. Nowadays Rohr’s work focuses on contemplation and action. He’s done a lot of work with men’s spirituality and contemplation. Everything Belongs is a good one to start with.
  • C.S. Lewis: the master. He converted to Christianity after an assiduous attempt to debunk the faith. What a wonderful writer! Begin with Mere Christianity.
  • Anne Lamott: writer of both fiction and non-fiction. Very funny. Start with Operating Instructions about her unexpected pregnancy and her first year as a single mom.
  • Donald Miller: known as the male Anne Lamott. Try Blue Like Jazz.

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