Brideshead Revisited Study

Tuesday I went downtown and participated in a book study at St. Peter’s in the Loop. We looked at Brideshead Revisited. I’d read this book before and it’s a favorite. I think it’s a perfect novel.

The study’s leader Fr. Bob Sprott led the talk, the first of three weeks on Brideshead Revisited. He provided a lot of good information on the book’s structure and the significance of some characters’ names. He talked about William Holman Hunt’s painting Awakened Conscience comparing Charles and Julia’s response to Bridie’s clumsy announcement that his wife couldn’t stay at Brideshead. (see p. 290) There’s a reference in the novel to a letter John Ruskin wrote about this painting and you can find that here.

If anyone wants to read the Father Brown story that Lady Marchmain reads and Cordelia also mentions, it’s here.

The time flew by. There isn’t any time for discussion, which is understandable as it’s a lunchtime program and there’s so much in this book. Yet it seems that a lot of the participants are retired or not working. We could stay longer.

I’m so thankful for this church for offering such an innovative means for us to gather and build our faith through literature.


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