Making a Difference: Social Justice

Social Justice has gotten a bad rap from some believers, but while it’s not the main thrust of Christianity, it certainly should play a role in any Christian’s life. Perhaps locally, perhaps globally. Each person needs to figure that out. I started pondering this after reading a post on a new blog I discovered. The blogger wrote:

Lately, a friend and I have thinking about what it would look like to mobilize the younger, Stage 3-leaning generation toward service and social justice initiatives.  It’s often observed here that with Stage 3 tends to come a passion for social justice, and, as I look around, that is obviously true of us young people: we believe as a given that social justice is important and good.  But the issue is moving from the level of gut belief to the level of lived-out, intentional behavior.


My two cents were:

I’m guessing that rather than recruiting people to pitch in on a certain issue, a campaign for contributions to this or that fund or a day to show up to volunteer for this task, we should encourage them to look at their world and their talents and seek out one or two injustices that they feel called to commit to address. They’d need to discern how, but perhaps that needs to be an additional search along with What career should I pursue? Whom should I share my adult life with?

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