From Mark Link S.J.’s “Stay Great”

Jesuit priest Mark Link has written several books and keeps a daily blog called Stay Great. It’s a nice resource for daily prayer. Here’s a sample entry:

Jesus said: “Now you are sad,
but I will see you again,
and your hearts will be filled
with gladness, the kind of
gladness that no one can take
away from you.” John 16:22

A 13-year old girl was dead of
leukemia. While going through her
belongings, her parents found a
poem she had written during her
illness. It confirmed in a beautiful
way what Jesus says in today’s
Gospel. A portion of it reads:

O God, I’m Free!
Your hand came through the dark,
a faint spark; but it lit my soul.
My fire is burning, Lord.
No one can put it out.
O God, I’m Free!

Source: Mission mag

The girl’s poem invites me to pray,
“O God, free me as you did the
girl. Let your hand come through
the dark and light a spark in me
that will burn and never go out.”

Sometimes opportunity knocks,
but most of the time it sneaks up
on you and then quietly steals
Doug Larsen


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