What to say?

As I’ve mentioned I lived for awhile in Indonesia where Christians are a persecuted minority in many places.

A while ago a friend responded to an email request that he just give the $40 he owed me to a church that was rebuilding in Makassar. He lives in Indonesia and could easily transfer that amount. Other friends I’ve been asking live outside Indonesia. If you send a check it’s very hard for someone to cash it. Banking and financial transactions are just primitive there.

Well, this guy, who I knew wasn’t a believer, but described himself as a peaceful secular humanist responded with a tirade. He asserted that he wanted all churches out of Indonesia, that that’s what the country needed. Whoa, where’s the peace?

I knew that responding immediately would be foolhardy. This man was furious. I also saw that he’s clearly troubled, my guess the trouble is spiritual. He’s from France and has gotten this straw man view of the church as only bad into his head.

Time has passed and I think I should say something.

Growing up as a Catholic, I wasn’t encouraged to talk about faith with non-believers. Live and let live seemed to be what was required. Well, I just think that’s odd and wrong. After 11 years in Catholic schools, I have no clue how to start this or any conversation. As an adult, I should be able to address such situations.

Any thoughts on what to do?


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