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Favorite Fiction by Christian Authors

Here’s a list of my favorite authors who unabashedly write with Christian themes.

Fiction or Epic poetry

  1. Evelyn Waugh – Brideshead Revisited is a masterpiece. I don’t think there’s a word that’s out of place. Great characters and such an authentic plot.
  2. Graham Greene – I’ve read Greene’s short stories and novels including “The Power and the Glory” and “The End of the Affair.” He shows how faith transforms modern people facing problems, timeless and modern.
  3. François Mauriac – a French Nobel Prize winner that few Americans may know. Try his “Knot of Vipers” or “Woman of the Pharisees.”
  4. Sigrid Undset – I discovered this Norwegian Nobel Prize winner through my book club. We read her engaging “Kristen Lavransdatter: The Bride.” I was caught up in Medieval Norway immediately. I’ve never read better historical fiction.
  5. C.S. Lewis – needs no introduction. I recommend “Till We have Faces” and “The Chronicles of Narnia”
  6. Shusako Endo – a masterful modern Japanese writer. Read his “Silence” on the persecution of
  7. G.K. Chesterton – I like his Father Brown detective stories.
  8. Sharon Ewell Foster – I know Sharon. We were roommates at Act One. She’s written several Christian novels. I like them all, but suggest you start with “Passing by Samaria” for which she won the Christy award.
  9. Dante – You’ve got to read his Divine Comedy at some point. There’s a graphic novel adaptation if you’re intimidated by the original.
  10. Milton – Yes, Milton is hard. At the risk of my precious G.P.A., which I feared would suffer, I took a Milton class in college. The course was tough, but it unlocked “Paradise Lost” for me. I should reread it. I will say Milton is even better than Shakespeare.

Who are yours?