Kinda Clueless

A couple months ago I got a solicitation from Old St. Pat’s a church I used to attend every Sunday. I stopped going because some of their homilies were just lacking in real content. There were anecdotes and humor, but not always insights. Also they just never challenged us. The music was great and the building was magnificent.

But it seemed that materialism or other issues that could be hard for parishioners to hear weren’t brought up.  I really decided I didn’t need to drive an hour each way for a feel good experience. Affirmation is not what Christianity is supposed to be about. It’s about more. That much I’m sure of.

So I haven’t been to Old St. Pat’s in seven months and I got a letter asking for me to donate $150 so they could add a cloister walk and elevator for people with disabilities. The elevator they need, the cloister walk, no.

In 2007 when I was living in Indonesia I wrote the pastor asking the parish to donate money to a church in Makassar that was burned to the ground. It was clearly arson and the Catholics in Indonesia face persecution regularly. He never bothered to respond to my letter.

The pastor said the church believes in radical hospitality. Is he kidding? He hasn’t noticed that I haven’t been there in seven months. Also, I’m not working so I don’t have $150 to give a prosperous church? A big problem I’ve found with Old St. Pat’s is that it’s become a victim of its own success. I hate that they only write to me to ask for money.


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